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Practical seminars by Dr. Jey K. Jeyapalan.
Advances in underground pipeline design, construction, and management.

About the Seminar

The design engineer selects the most appropriate pipe material and construction method based on cost effectiveness, service life, structural strength, abrasion and corrosion resistance, ease of han­dling, installation and availability. Each pipe ma­terial and construction method has its share in the marketplace. This is the only seminar in North America that presents engineering data, detailed design procedures,con­struction methods and asset management on many pipe materials and trench less technology for new construc­tion and rehabilitation. The primary objective of this practical seminar is to familiarize partici­pants with state-of-the-art on pipe properties, stan­dards for pipe materials, design, and installation by open-cut and trenchless methods, specifica­tions, structural considerations, and day-to-day engineering design and pipe selection. You will participate in a hands-on workshop session where the design features of typical pipelines using the material presented throughout this seminar will by discussed.

Professor Jeyapalan has been teaching a graduate course using his new book on pipelines over a 14 week semester on each Tuesday for two and one-half hours for masters and doctoral students for a fee of $ 2,500 per student.

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