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Advances in underground pipeline design, construction, and management.

Authoritative Book

Advances in Underground Pipeline Design, Construction, and Management book cover

Authoritative Book on Pipelines

The primary goal of this new book is to familiarize owners, utilities, engineers and contractors interested in pipeline design, construction and asset management with the recent body of knowledge and to alert them to common problems. In 400+ pages, Dr. Jeyapalan has documented, in SI and Imperial Units side-by-side, many valuable lessons he learnt over 35 years working on over 300 pipelines in 28 countries.  

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Benefits of the Book

  • Learn what you need to know on designing and preparing specifications to bid pipelines for all applications and materials by following the principles and numerous examples throughout the book step by step.
  • Learn the new International Advances in Asset Management, Pipeline Materials, Design, Installation, Rehabilitation, and Trenchless Construction Methods.
  • Learn design methods following American, Australian and German Design standards.
  • Benefit enormously from the 10 Appendices of excel spread sheets of design calculations for 6 different situations and th e live specifications for 4 different situations.
  • Learn the most common causes of serious pipeline failures, over 300,000 waterline breaks, in excess of 40,000 major sewage spills causing more than 3 million Americans become seriously ill and loss of life this year alone.
  • Learn about a national crisis that may be looming due to errors and omissions and may have little to do with an aging infrastructure.
  • Learn all about defective engineering specifications that cost hundreds of millions of dollars, delays, liquidated damages and loss of reputation every year.
  • Learn how to design, install and share rights of way and existing infrastructure among multiple functions, pipes and cables.
  • How cost efficient are your pipe repair decisions? Find out how to obtain substantial savings by learning how to repair/rehabilitate pipe systems, how to write quality specifications protecting yourselves without being influenced by the various pipe interest groups.
  • Get the most up-to-date independent engineering guidance on steel, plastic, concrete, ductile iron and clay pipe materials and how to complete a cost effective design for a buried pipe system.
  • Examine recent case histories of pipe failures and the need for better understanding of pipe-soil system design and installation procedures to avoid failures and claims.
  • Find out about the applicability, usefulness and limitations of standards , codes, and computer aided methods.
  • Learn how design, installation and pipe performance impact each other from the foremost global expert with hands-on knowledge.
  • Cut overall design, installation and operation costs by learning to use pipe-soil interaction principles on buried pipe projects.
  • Learn how and why projects could fail when you use erroneous E’ values from the AWWA, ASTM, and ASCE standards and the Bureau of Reclamation.
  • Learn what correct Modulus of Soil Reaction, E’ values are; how to obtain and use these properly in buried pipe design based on testing and sound principles of soil-pipe interaction; also vary from open-cut to trenchless construction.
  • Find out the need for uncompacted pipe bedding, soil-cement slurry for pipe embedment and backfill, when to use which bedding.
  • Develop pipe-soil system specifications for pipe, bedding, embedment and backfill, installation, and inspection for water, sewer, drainage, gas, oil, process applications.
  • Learn about longitudinal, rerounding, poisson’s, thermal effects and pressure pipe design requirements.
  • Learn all about the future outlook and which segments of the pipeline industry will provide investment opportunities.