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Practical seminars by Dr. Jey K. Jeyapalan.
Advances in underground pipeline design, construction, and management.

Seminar Benefits

Your attendance will help you...

  • Learn the new International Advances in Asset Management, Pipeline Materials, Design, Installation, Rehabilitation, and Trenchless Construction Methods.
  • Learn the most common causes of serious pipeline failures, over 300,000 waterline breaks, in excess of 40,000 major sewage spills causing more than 3 million Americans become seriously ill and loss of life this year alone.
  • Learn about a national crisis that may be looming due to errors and omissions and may have little to do with an aging infrastructure.
  • Learn all about defective engineering specifications that cost hundreds of millions of dollars, delays, liquidated damages and loss of reputation every year.
  • Learn how to design, install and share rights of way and existing infrastructure among multiple functions, pipes and cables.
  • How cost efficient are your pipe repair decisions? Find out how to obtain substantial savings by learning how to repair/ rehabilitate pipe systems, how to write quality specifications protecting yourselves without being influenced by the various pipe interest groups.
  • Learn what the 30 day rule is for pipe projects and how to prepare yourself better to avoid claims and disputes.
  • Get the most up-to-date independent engineering guidance on steel, plastic, concrete, ductile iron and clay pipe materials and how to complete a cost effective design for a buried pipe system.
  • Examine recent case histories of pipe failures and the need for better understanding of pipe-soil system design and installation procedures to avoid failures and claims.
  • Find out about the applicability, usefulness and limitations of standards, codes, and computer aided methods.
  • Learn how design, installation and pipe performance impact each other from the same speaker with hands-on knowledge; you may bring specific problems to the seminar for discussion of possible solutions.
  • Cut overall design, installation and operation costs by learning to use pipe-soil interaction principles on buried pipe projects.
  • Learn how and why projects could fail when you use erroneŽous E' values from the AWWA, ASTM, and ASCE standards and the Bureau of Reclamation.
  • Learn what correct Modulus of Soil Reaction, E' values are; how to obtain and use these properly in buried pipe design based on testing and sound principles of soil-pipe interaction; also vary from open-cut to trenchless construction.
  • Find out the need for uncompacted pipe bedding, soil-cement slurry for pipe embedment and backfill, when to use which bedding.
  • Develop pipe-soil system specifications for pipe, bedding, embedment and backfill, installation, and inspection for water, sewer, drainage, gas, process applications.
  • Learn about longitudinal effects and pressure pipe design requirements.
  • Do hands-on design calculations in group workshop sessions.