“Dr. Jey is a world class civil engineer, writer, speaker, and a tireless teacher, with an amazing grasp on common sense approaches to problem solving. I was amazed by the numerous practical lessons recorded in this book and given my life as a contractor on underground pipelines for over 40 years, I am certain this book will become the pipeline practitioner’s bible.”
Michael C. Welch, President, Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board, BRB Contractors, Inc., Topeka, Kansas, USA.

What other engineers and contractors have said about the contents of this book when it was offered as a seminar around the world in hotels and in the conference rooms of leading utilities:

“Highly recommended for anyone in the water, sewer, gas, pipe industry, or government.” Tanya Wiley, City of Portland, OR

“Excellent look at trench1ess methods and pipe products.”
Mike Flick, Wastewater Dept., Denver, CO

“Especially useful in evaluating new technologies for their pluses and minuses, which salespersons don’t present.”
Tom Caufield, City of Portland, OR

“Your energy and enthusiasm toward pipe materials and new installation technologies is very contagious.”
Doug Knight, Rutherford & Chekene, San Francisco, CA

“Great seminar on E’, microtunneling and pipeline rehabilitation technologies.”
John Hewitt, Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Houston, TX

“The best seminar I have taken on pipeline materials, design, and methods.”
Abdullah AI-Amry, Saline Water Corporation, Saudi Arabia

“This seminar is an excellent learning experience.”
Jun Tohda, City of Osaka, Japan

“Dr. Jeyapalan presents a lot of very useful information on Pipe technologies in a short time.”
Hans Ueker, LGA, Munich, Germany

“An excellent way to stay ahead of the trends in the industry.”
Randy Randolph, Civil Engineer, Bureau 0 Reclamation, Phoenix, AZ

“I found the comparison of U.S. design methods with German, Japanese and Australian methods very interesting.”
John Henkels, Construction Engineer, Krieger & Stewart, Inc., Riverside, CA

“Very good seminar with a unique approach that disseminates a lot of information in an intensive course.”
Charles Perkiss of CalTrans, Sacramento, CA

“It’s nice to listen to someone who knows the relationships of the various elements that affect pipe behavior, as well as having an opinion as to why commonly accepted standards or formulae may be wrong or in need of modification.”
Robert Kelley of Winzler & Kelley Engineers, San Francisco, CA

“Dr. Jeyapalan is the expert in pipeline design, construction and management. I have been involved with pipeline design for 35 years and he opened my eyes to new facts and practices.”
John Barnes of Robert Bein, William Frost & Associates, Irvine, CA

“Enlightening regarding the technical adequacy of ASTM, AASHTO standards and about potential trends and pitfalls of new materials and standards.”
Lars Henderson, Professional Engineer CH2M Hill, Bellevue, WA

“To get information on all available types of pipe materials in one place is extremely helpful. It was definitely worth my time.”
Mike Hickman, Project Engineer, Sweet Edwards-Emcon, Inc., Bothell, WA

“Excellent seminar; very helpful both on current and emerging technologies.”
Anthony Curto, Springfield Municipality, MA